What is hAvOc?

hAvOc is a system for exam management, that provides tools for automated multiple choice exam generation, scanning and publishing results on the web. We are using the system at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana for three and a half years. Since the beginning the code saw some major changes, upgrades and enhancements and we are finally releasing the code to the public domain as we intended from the beginning.

Status of the project

Starting with February 2011, hAvOc started opening its sorce code. Developers believe the code is reaching stability and is ready for publishing. We have opened the sorce code of the OCR backend, that was completely rewritten from the previous (internally used) version.

See our release plan for the whole project. Note, that the release dates are approximate and can change.


Ochi RC2 released

31. May 2011, after intensive testing, the RC2 of OCR part is uploaded to sourceforge. We missed planned deadline for a month due to testing of multipage test scanning.

We would like to hear from you

24. June 2011, we are about to publish the first stable release of ochi and first release candidate of database part. We would like to hear your thoughts and experiences with the code. Please inform us of your way of using ochi!


For support you can acces our help forums. We have limited time to work on the project, so we can't offer support for each individual installation. If you are interested in the project please contact us. Meanwhile you can communicate your problem in our forum or place a bug report if you believe there is something wrong with code.

If you wish you can test working system on our server installation. Contact us to receive username and certificate needed to access instructor's panel (currently only Slovenian language is enabled).